Wash Monitoring

The Browne STF Load Check Indicator has been carefully designed to perform in an equivalent manner to ‘test soils’ by providing a realistic multiple challenge for the washerdisinfector machine. Read More

The Browne STF MIS-Lumen Test (HX100)
is a lumen test designed to be used
in conjunction with STF Mis-Lumen
Indicators  Read More

The Browne Washer-Disinfector Test Soil is designed to simulate the soiling that naturally occurs during theatre use and performs in an equivalent manner to the Edinburgh soil. Read More

The Browne RESI-TEST™ Protection Detection Kit is a residual protein-detection test designed to perform rapid, sensitive (>1μg) and cost effective residual protein testing. Read More

The Browne RESI-TEST™ Endoscope Sampling Brushes are the only brushes validated for use with the Browne RESI-TEST™ Protein Detection Kit. (3369AB) Read More

Rapid, self contained and easy-to-use RESI-TEST™ Cleaning Indicators for Protein Detection. Read More

Use brilliantBLUE distalcheck for the fast detection of protein residues left behind on complex surgical instrument tip. Read More

The Browne STF HexaLumen™ Endoscope Washer-Disinfection Test Kit is a simple-to-use process challenge device. Read More

The Browne STF HeptaLumen Endoscope Reprocessor Cleaning Verification Test Kit’s simple-to-use process challenge device (PCD) Read More

Designed to verify the cleaning performance (flow, detergent) of ED-FLOW™ automated endoscope washer disinfectors. Read More

The HexaLumen™ Endo-test for Wassenburg Medical AERs is a surrogate endoscope test device.

Read More