Sterilisation Testing

Celerity Steam Incubator is designed to give you rapid testresults for the Celerity Biological Indicators Read More

The Bowie Dick Test Pack is a unique combination of advanced Browne Intelligent Ink Technology and the original Bowie Dick concept. Read More

TST Bowie Dick Test Pack for Getinge GE 224 c Vac & Citomat 164 V. Type B and Type S steam penetration testing. Read More

The Browne Sensor Sheet is a calibrated sensor sheet with Browne Intelligent Ink Technology for use in a standard towel pack. Read More

The unique patented concept of AB101 Porous & Hollow Steam Penetration Test employs both the porous and the hollow principles in direct succession. Read More

The Browne TST Helix is a hollow load Process Challenge Device (PCD) and has been developed and validated for testing the air removal. Read More

The Browne TST Load Check gives you confidence to release the load. Read More

The Browne Sterilization Control Tubes are an effective and immediate visual check on sterilization conditions. Read More

Clear result interpretation. Traditional Process Indicator Autoclave Tape allows identification of processed from unprocessed items at a glance. Read More