STF MIS Lumen Kit and Indicators

The STF MIS-Lumen Test (HX100)
is a lumen test designed to be used
in conjunction with STF Mis-Lumen
Indicators (HX101) used to verify the
cleaning performance of Washer
Disinfector Minimal Invasive Surgery
(MIS) racks.
The device consists of a PTFE lumen
that is 500 mm length and with a 2
mm internal diameter. At one end of
the lumen is a capsule in which the
indicators are placed. At the other end
of the lumen is a luer lock fitting to be
connected to the MIS rack of a washer

Order #

HX100AB – STF MIS Lumen Kit 1 pcs. w/o Indicators
HX101AB – STF MIS Test Indicators 100 Indicators/Box


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