1. 018E-Zyme Detergent

    Medisafe 8E-Zyme is a unique high performing product that contains 8 Enzymes within a low foaming formulation. This cleaning chemistry detergent provides excellent cleaning in manual, ultrasonic and automated washer-disinfectors.

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  2. 03Duck Range

    Medon offers a complete range of instrument cleaning products to aid your cleaning process. EN ISO 15883-2: 2009 The efficacy of disinfection can be impaired if soil removal is incomplete.

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Our Story

Medon Scandinavia are a distributor of quality and technologically-advanced medical products and consumables.

Founded in 2010 Medon Scandinavia was originally opened as a regional office of Medisafe UK.

Vast international experience has given Medon Scandinavia a secure knowledgeable base. We have a wide network within the industry and this combined with our resourcefulness, determination and passion enables us to courageously explore new possibilities.

Our success is derived from a natural drive to serve and to satisfy.