Detergents & Chemistries

3E-Zyme uses a combination of three high performance enzymes. These are fully effective against and digest all residues and deposits normally found on surgical instruments and apparatus. Read More

8E-Zyme is a unique high performing product that contains 8 Enzymes within a low foaming formulation. This cleaning chemistry detergent provides excellent cleaning in manual, ultrasonic and automated washer-disinfectors. Read More

Use to ensure accurate dosage of detergent without the need to lift heavy bottles. Suitable for both manual cleaning and automated processes when auto dosing is not available. Available for 4 L, 5 L 10 L and 10 ml containers. Read More

Automated detergent dosing to assist manual cleaning.
■ One touch operation
■ Measured calibration dose
■ Fast & slow option
■ Quick installation Read More