Celerity™ HP Incubator

  • Designed exclusively to incubate and read activated Celerity™ 20 HP Biological Indicators
  • Provides a final readout within 20 minutes
  • Audio and visual alarms for easy interpretation of results


The Celerity HP Incubator is a compact, tabletop incubator designed specifically for use with the Celerity 20 HP Biological Indicator (BI). The Celerity HP Incubator heats the activated Celerity 20 HP Biological Indicator to temperatures which promote the germination, metabolism, and subsequent detection of viable test organisms under evaluation.

How the Celerity HP Incubator Works

The Incubator is designed to detect the presence or absence of a fluorescent signal upon incubation of the Celerity 20 HP Biological Indicator. Once initiated, each sample well will independently monitor and determine the result for an individual Biological Indicator within 20 minutes.

The incubator may be connected to an optional printer to manage record keeping.

Order #

LCB046 – Celerity™ HP Incubator


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